Casey York Design

Named after its founder, Casey York Design embodies a sense of timeless heritage infused with modern elegance. Casey York Design produces sleek, modern quilt designs for the crafting and home decor markets. Trained as an art historian, Casey learned to quilt in order to make a crib set for her newborn son when she couldn't find anything she liked on the market. The experience of designing and making that first quilt quickly turned into a passion. Design presented itself as a way of combining her knowledge and love of art history with her need for a creative outlet. Casey’s academic training has translated into an intuitive sense of design that informs the modern yet classic pieces she creates.




Chris's Fine Wood LLC

Chirs’s products include laser engraved boxes, clocks, and earrings. Chris has always liked making things, and he used to make large industrial parts out of steel, now he enjoys designing things in wood.




Debdragonfly Studio

Debbie paints original artwork using acrylics and mixed media. She creates whimsy, inspirational, children's, and abstract artwork. She has been inspired by other artists, friends and ideas that she has had swirling in her head. She has always worked a corporate job but have tried other things to make money, such at network marketing companies. For the first time, she feels like she is doing something that is meaningful and resonates within her. "Be strong in your roots, Grow with the wind" is her mantra she uses in most of her artwork.




Bonnidette takes vintage items from the past and convert them into beautiful lamps. As a kid, she was always fascinated by the magic of electricity. She loves to create unique items that allow others to express their own uniqueness. The first lamp Bonnidette has ever wired was for her grandmother who always took her to the flea markets and garage sales. If you got her laughing real good she would call you a floozy (not sure she knew what that meant, but she loved that word). If it wasn't for her grandma, Bonnidette would not have such love for the unwanted and discarded.



Madarasz Photography

Julia handcrafts 4’x4’ tile with an inset photo, ready to be hung or displayed. She has always enjoyed crafts and photography. She used to scrapbook, but realized no one wants to look through scrap books and see that many photos. She decided to find a more unique way to display her favorite memories. After successfully created her first photo tiles, she realized this would be a great gift or accent piece. She can now help others share their favorite memories in a unique, fun way. Her brand name is inspired by her great grandfather, who moved to the US from Hungary in 1912. When he arrived at Ellis Island, an A and Z were taken out of their last name, so it went from Madarasz to Madras. She has always been very interested in genealogy and enjoyed bringing a little bit of the past to the present.



Maginating, LLC

Brad’s Maginating product line consists of greeting cards ad 11’ x 14’ art prints. Brad does, however, have plans to launch other products over the course of the next twelve months. Maginating is a made up word that Brad created it when he was very young. He used it all the time with adults, particularly when he was playing with his toys. To him, it is like a verb he uses to describe the use of one's imagination. Maginating’s work is primarily inspired by Japanese's Kawaii design, the American Modernism movement of the ’50s and ’60s, UPA animation studio, children’s book illustration, Jim Henson’s Muppets, and Scandinavian design.



NHB KnifeWorks

Melody hand makes beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handbuilt culinary knives designed for professional chefs and anyone that is passionate about cooking. The desire to make high quality, unique, hand-made culinary knives. Melody is inspired by the colors of nature found in places ranging from her family camp in the Adirondack Mountains to the Florida shores to the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.



Vulandra's Gem's LLC

Beatrice handcrafts Jewelry and selected home goods, while her daughter dells paintings and conversation pieces. Their interests are organic. She looks for both classic and yet unique raw materials that can be turned into beautiful jewelry. Her daughter’s paintings and prints are organic and based on POV. The brand name, Vulandra, came from one of her favorite TV shows. Gem's to include more than jewelry.




Claudia and her husband, Andres, own LIFEPACK, a Missouri company that produces ecologically friendly disposable table-ware and related products that are 100% ecologically friendly. Other imported, hand-made artisan craft products are also sold alongside. In Colombia, her company hires single mothers and assists them with a sustainable income, and they are using a similar philosophy in St. Louis. She also plans to sell Colombian ethnic food-products, such as meat pies and other treats in the future. Her company name is based on her eco-friendly product and intended it to reflect a socially responsible company that produces sustainable, environmentally friendly products for people's lives.





Ma Yim Bakery

Sompit is the founder of Ma Yim Bakery, a small family-owned bakery. She takes pride in handcrafting Asian-fusion treats. After transforming from a working woman to a stay-at-home mom, she spends a lot of time cooking meals for family. She took pastry classes just to get out of the house, and she fell in love with baking. When her daughter started school in 2010, she was so happy to be able to start working again, and she decided to be own boss so she can control the hours and do what she loves. In Thai, the word “Ma” means horse and “Yim “means smile. It is common wherever people go they will take their traditional, cultures and foods along with them. She uses all her passion and knowledge about food to bring everyone the authentic Thai flavor. 




Panda Candles

Niecy makes and sells all natural soy candles that melt and turn into massage oil. Her store is called Pandle Candles. She loves Panda Bears and her high school nick name is Panda. She has always loved making candles, and after losing her job, they became a source of income. 






Bryan is the artist of all the handdrawn stones in Doodlestones. It is an interactive worldwide treasure hunt, using social media as a place to find the clues. He stones are collectible, character-based, and full of artistic meanings.








Catherine makes handcrafted pantry staples with everyday elegance. She is inspired by her community and a desire to provide unique experiences with everyday things. Roux is a brand that she hopes to make everyday moments memorable.




A Touch of Karimah

Karimah makes and sells organic food grade herbal body products.  Her products are all made with food grade ingredients. Her popular items include butters, deodorants, toothpaste, soap products with natural and simple ingredients.







SweetLife Gourmet

Carrie sells five distinct gourmet cupcake flavors using organic cake ingredients of superior quality. She also sells gourmet vegan salads, 16 oz jars of expeller pressed extra virgin organic coconut oil, and pure unfiltered raw honey. She has a silk chocolate hair and body moisturizer that is good for joint and muscle tension, a peach and cream body whip, raw shea butter, and gourmet teas. She provides people with quality healing foods and body products that actually serve the body and health. It started as an organic gourmet superfood cake for her son’s first birthday and she has not stopped baking since.