Julia Li is a native St. Louisian who loves people , and can be found starting random electronic dance parties. She's a graduate from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Painting and Urban Studies. In the past five years, she's traveled to over 30 countries and lived in Los Angeles--> New York working with Nickelodeon, Disney, and Scratch Music Group. Julia is ecstatic to be back in STL to pursue her mission of supporting creative entrepreneurship. 

Brandin Vaughn was born in Kennett, Missouri, but raised in St. Louis. His passion for fashion, sewing, and design was apparent at a very young age. He graduated from the Illinois Art Institute of Chicago with a degree of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. His exceptional pattern making skills made him the only person in his graduating class that was hired directly into the field of his studies. Brandin went on to work as a pattern maker and was promoted to assistant fashion designer at the Sarah Kuenyefu Collection, and has designed and styled for celebrities such as Beyoncé and Vivica A. Fox. Brandin is very excited to be back in St. Louis to launch his own fashion brand Classic Culture.


Akosua Yeboah has called St. Louis home for nine yearsand is creative soul who believes in the empowerment and development of people! She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in International & Area Studies with a focus on the developing world. Ultimately, Akosua is drawn to organizations and programs that provide access to individuals and communities that would otherwise not have it. Most recently she has pursued this goal working in higher education in recruitment, admissions and college-access. 


Cody James comes from a family of industrial roots. In spite of his family background, Cody's passions drew him toward the music world as he left Missouri for Orlando, Florida, to study music business at Full Sail University. Despite of his great success in music and audio engineering, he applies his creativity in other artistic medium. He decided to try his hand at metalwork after seeing someone make a fire pit from an old propane tank. He builds a variety of artworks using new and recycled materials, including fire pits, desk lamps, business card holders, light strands, and tables and chairs. Anyone who sees Cody’s work will appreciate the immense talent and artistic sensibility behind his craft. He now owns an artisan metalwork company called Heritage Brand Co.

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Doug Gealy has spent twenty years in St. Louis and has dedicated his life to the versatile art of creation and the pursuit of the unknown. As a photographer, Doug's work has been published in St. Louis Magazine, The St. Louis Post Dispatch, Ink Magazine, Jam (Jazz Ambassadors Magazine), and much more.

He is currently in Miami, FL, working as the Creative Director of the early morning show, The Studio D. The show is dedicated to Disrupting your Morning Television Routine http://studiodtelevision.com/